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World's Best Culinary Trips

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Rhode School of Cuisine
Rhode School of Cuisine, Morocco

Rhode School of Cuisine invites you to steep in the culture of Morocco as a guest in their villa at Dar Liqama, "the house of green mint." Toast spices and roll couscous as the sun sets over La Palmeriae, the desert palm grove, just outside of Marrakech. In addition to delicious mint tea and nine cooking lessons with the local chef, the villa also offers pool, spa, hot tub, tennis courts and excursions to the souk and through the desert by camel.

For more information: Rhode School of Cuisine

World's Best Culinary Trips
© LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH / Alamy
KeaArtisanal, Greece

Kea Artisanal, on the Aegean island of Kea, combines sightseeing, hiking and plenty of fresh food, including some of Greece's finest cheese and wine. Aglaia Kremezi and her staff guide you from top to bottom on this tiny island, introducing you to traditional recipes that are also featured in her cookbooks. After a boat ride and a dip in the stunning sea, the barbecue will be heaped with seafood before your bathing suit has time to dry.

For more information: KeaArtisanal

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Acadian Farm
Nova Scotia Seafood Cooking School, Canada

At the Nova Scotia Seafood Cooking School, hosted by the eco-friendly Trout Point Lodge, guests learn about preparing seafood in the French New World and Creole style. It's a desk-to-sea-to-table learning experience. First, you'll be taught how to cook the seafood, then you'll visit the area's esteemed seafood destinations, where you choose from fresh oysters, mussels and fish. Finally, it's time to cook—and, of course, dig in.

For more information: Trout Point Cooking & Wine School

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Simon Reddy / Alamy
Cajun Country, Louisiana

West of New Orleans, the spirited town of Lafayette sits in the heart of Louisiana's Cajun Country. You're just as likely to hear Cajun French as English in these part. It's also the place for robust dishes like jambalaya, boudin and gumbo. After dancing all night to Zydeco and Cajun music, guests collapse in a historic bed and breakfast. Cooking lessons are taught by Patrick Mould, an award-winning chef and cookbook author, and a leading authority on Cajun and Creole cuisine.

For more information: Epiculinary's Cajun Country

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Carmen Roson
La Cocina de Oaxaca, Mexico

It's the ultimate Mexican cooking tour in the epicenter of ultimate Mexican cuisine. This is the land of moles, made with incredible local chocolate and mezcal, an alcoholic drink derived from the blue agave cactus. Guest chefs will learn that ritual is just as important as the ingredients while they're taught the region's traditional cooking techniques.

For more information: Epiculinary's La Cocina de Oaxaca

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Artisan of Leisure
Culinary Tour to Japan

Artisans of Leisure have many gastronomic bases covered with their Culinary Tour to Japan, including three diverse destinations. In Tokyo and Kyoto, you'll learn how to shop for ingredients such as miso, tofu, seaweed, noodles, tea, sake and sweets, and how to prepare and present these items in typical Japanese dishes and seasonal specialties. After Kyoto, enjoy a luxurious night at an exclusive hot springs ryokan (an exclusive Japanese bed and breakfast) in Hakone.

For more information: Artisans of Leisure

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Beijing New East School
China Cooking School Tour, Beijing and Shanghai

China Sports and Travel offers several cooking trips, including this 11-day tour that focuses on regional cuisine from Beijing, Suzhou and Shanghai. Expect in-depth instruction; one morning is dedicated to Peking duck, the national dish that dates back to either the Yuan and Ming dynasties, depending on whom you ask. On another tour, chefs have the rare opportunity to cook at one of the country's finest institutions, Beijing New East Cuisine School. Full-time students study for three years just to be admitted into the program, but you will be an honored guest.

For more information: China Sports and Travel

World's Best Culinary Trips
© inTrend
Chocolate Lover's Paradise Tour

On the Chocolate Lover's Paradise Tour, lucky guests are introduced to Belgium's sweet dark treasures. Organized by a native Belgian, Greta Inowlocki, the tour starts in Brussels, home of the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. Bruges and Antwerp follow, with visits to some of the world's most famous chocolatiers where guests can get hands-on chocolate training. You'll also be treated to fine Belgian fare and, of course, the country's renowned beer.

For more information: inTrend International Travel

World's Best Culinary Trips
© Taste of Thailand
A Taste of Thailand

Place yourself in the hands of the professionals at Viking (yes, the appliance people) and hone your skills with hands-on cooking lessons at the world-class Four Seasons Chiang Mai Cooking School and the Suan Dusit Cooking School in Bangkok. Prik bai horapa (fried fish with chili and basil), Buddhist temples and boat rides make this culinary voyage unique. Pad Thai on your lunch break will never be the same.

For more information: Viking Travel

World's Best Culinary Trips
© EATour Specialist
Galician Cooking Food and Wine

In Spain, each region offers its own signature cuisine. This is especially true for Galicia, a tiny corner of the country on the Atlantic coast. Starting in historic Santiago de Compostela, this trip winds through the coastal Rias Baixas wine country, then inland, where the variety of landscapes produce a wide variety of specialties. Local superstar chefs Toñi Vicente and Robert Crespo prepare the finest local ingredients with a modern twist.

For more information: EATour Specialist

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