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15 (More) Of The Coolest Hotel Suites In The World

Hotel Everland: If you're the kind of person who wants something just because very few other people ever get to have it, you'd be interested in the experience of an overnight stay at the Hotel Everland. This unique hotel room is actually an art installation which moves from venue to venue; through the end of 2008 it is located at the Palais de Tokyo art gallery in Paris. The hotel consists of only a single room and you only get to stay in it for one night. Amenities to supplement the exclusiveness of the experience include a no-charge, fully-stocked mini-bar, access to an extensive record collection, free breakfast arriving on your doorstep and the chance to dry yourself off with golden-threaded towels. The price you'll pay for the night is approximately 400 Euros.

Eugenia Hotel, Bangkok

Eugenia Hotel: The Eugenia is an interesting little gem in the heart of downtown Bangkok. Situated inside a 19th Century colonial-style home, it consists of only twelve different suites which are each outfitted with vintage antique decor. From the hand-beaten copper tubs to the vintage light switches, each piece in every room is a real relic from the past. Although it's steeped in history, guests are treated to a modern experience of fine luxury which starts in their rooms and extends out to the back porch where they can sip tea by the poolside and pretend that they live in quieter times. The only drawback is the fact that there's no elevator in this old hotel. On the plus side, it's affordable at around 130 Euros per night.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Igloo Village

Hotel Kakslauttanen: People have come here for years to stay in one of the twenty different igloo suites (yes, they're made of snow) that are so unique to this area. However, the real luxury experience is staying in one of the hotel's five new glass igloos which let you stay warm indoors while observing the stunning Northern Lights in the sky above. If you dare to step outside, you can indulge in the sauna just steps from your room.

Caged Shark Diving, Florida


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