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Rainbow Beaches

Rainbow Beaches
© Dave Pattison/Alamy
Horseshoe Bay and More

, Bermuda

If you find yourself on Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay you'll be thinking pink in no time. And if you get a cabana on 9 Beaches' Paradise Pier, the view in one direction is aquamarine water, while the other vista is of Bermuda's famous candy-pink sand. Cambridge Beaches in the Bahamas also has two lovely pink sand beaches. Plus special offerings like the "Sensual Journey" beachfront spa package that make the view even rosier.

Rainbow Beaches
© Mark Huntley/Alamy
Whitehaven Inlet, Australia

White is bright: You’ll find some of the finest and whitest silica sand on Earth on this luscious Aussie beach. It's located on Whitsunday Island near the Great Barrier Reef and stretches for 4.3 miles.

Rainbow Beaches
© Photo Resource Hawaii/Alamy
Kaihalulu Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Unofficially known as Red Sand Beach, Kaihalulu Beach (above) is one of the world’s rare red sand expanses. Of the color red, Hawaii-based color therapist Peri Enkin says, "Find your fire—your passion life"

Rainbow Beaches
© Antigua & Barbuda Dept. of Tourism

Barbuda’s smooth coastline is ringed by long pink and white sand beaches protected by barrier reefs. The pristine pink beaches of the southwestern shore stretch for ten miles without interruption. Says color therapist Peri Enkin, "Pink will unlock inner peace and tranquility" while the aquamarine-colored water "will unleash your creativity."

Rainbow Beaches
© Jim Schwabel/photolibrary
Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, Calif.

Travel north on Highway 1 from Cambria and you'll get to Big Sur's Pfeiffer Beach, where crushed manganese garnets lend the sand a purplish/mauvish hue. "Purple is the color of the crown chakra at the top of the head," says color therapost Peri Enkin,"so this beach would bring out knowledge and wisdom."

Rainbow Beaches
© Peter French/photolibrary
Kau, Mahana Bay, Big Island, Hawaii

Groovy! This is a rare green sand beach. Says Peri Enkin, color therapist, "The moss green chakra relates to below the feet. At this beach you could really become grounded in your physical life. However, emerald green relates to the heart—so the tiny deep green crystals in the sand may spark love, compassion and care."

Rainbow Beaches
© Spooner
Waianapanapa State Park

, Maui, Hawaii

The black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park is just off the Hana Highway on Maui. "Let go of your past, release, transform and find a new beginning on these volcanic sands," says color therapist Peri Enkin.

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