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VIP Dream Trips

VIP Dream Trips
© 2007 FilmMagic/Getty Images
The Experience: Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Cost: $5,000 per person

The Elton John affair is a hot ticket party where mega stars mingle with starry-eyed fans and fat cat donors. Arrive via limo at this five-star glam event that includes a sit-down dinner and a chance to rub shoulders and perhaps shake hands with Hollywood's hippest.

For more information: VIP First Class

VIP Dream Trips
© Air Combat USA
The Experience: Fighter Pilot for a Day

Cost: $1,195 per person

After an hour-long preflight briefing that includes all the basics—safety, simple aerodynamics, fighter maneuvers and rules of engagement—you'll suit up for a high-flying aerial adventure. Once airborne you'll fly to a practice area to engage in six aerial dogfights. You are doing the flying 90 percent of the time.

Your entire flight is captured on mini digital video cassette. The tapes are used for debriefing purposes and then are yours to keep.

For more information: Signature Days

VIP Dream Trips
© Bruce Benedict /Transtock/Corbis
The Experience: Ferrari Time, Maranello and Modena, Italy

Cost: $5,250 and up

Your three-day, four-wheel adventure ignites at the Ferrari factory in Maranello where you pick up your sleek, fire-engine-red F 430. After a briefing at the local bar, take the wheel of the "red myth" and head for the mountain road first used in the '50s to test Ferraris. Pit stops include a visit to the Ducati or Lamborghini motor collection, the Ferrari Museum and Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and home to the Maserati and De Tomaso factories.

For more information: VIP First Class

VIP Dream Trips
The Experience: NBA All Star Game

Venue: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, La.Date: February 17, 2008Cost: from $1,235 to $10,890 per person

To sit in lower midcourt, you'll have to cough up the top price of $10,890 per ticket. That's it—no accommodations, no meals and no limo. For $4,415 per person, you can sit in the lower corner of the arena while $2,000 will get you a spot somewhere up in the 300 section.

For more information: Bluefish Concierge

VIP Dream Trips
© Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp
The Experience: Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp

Cost: $8,999 per person

Offered three times a year, this five-day camp is designed to tune up your musical talents. Campers are grouped into bands each lead by a musical mentor such as Max Weinberg, Alan White (Yes), Simon Kirke (Bad Company) and others. After five days of rock 'n roll rehearsal, your band will take part in the "Battle of the Bands" at B.B. King's in Times Square, New York. Camp visitors include Ted Nugent, Paul Stanley (KISS) and other rock legends that will swing by throughout the week to meet each camper and play with each band.

For more information: Signature Days

VIP Dream Trips
© 2006 Getty Images
The Experience: Broadway Bound

Cost: $30,000 and up

Give your regards to Broadway from the stage. Spend the afternoon with actors, singers, and dancers from your favorite show, attending costume fittings and rehearsals in preparation for your unforgettable debut—with a walk-on role.

For more information: Discover New York with Kitt Garrett

VIP Dream Trips
© Kenneth Johansson/Corbis
The Experience: Playboy Mansion Party

Cost: $3,900 per person including two nights at The Beverly Hills Hotel Date: October 31, 2007

Be like Hef minus the pajamas. This experience is all about ego—yours—and includes VIP dinner reservations at one of L.A.'s A-list dining spots, drinks at the rooftop Skybar at The Mondrian Hotel, and a ticket to the coveted Playboy Mansion Halloween extravaganza. Don't forget your costume.

For more information: VIP First Class

VIP Dream Trips
© 2007 AFP
The Experience: Soccer Spanish Style

Price: $1,157 per person

Join Football Club Barcelona on their private charter en route to an away game. Onboard you can take pictures, get autographs and cheer them on during the match. Accommodations included. Games are played on Saturday or Sunday and are not confirmed until a few days before the broadcast contracts are signed.

For more information: Lifestyle Barcelona

VIP Dream Trips
© 2007 Getty Images
The Experience: 2008 Super Bowl

Venue: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZDate: February 3, 2008Cost: from $10,000 per person including accommodations

Stadium private viewing seats plus entrée to pre- and post-game parties including a meet and greet with the athletes.

For more information: VIP Getaways

VIP Dream Trips
© 2006 NBC
The Experience: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Cost: $1,750 per person

Watch the show from the first-class seats. Access to the Green Room, where the celebrity guests gather before going on stage, is a possibility but not guaranteed.

For more information: Millionaires Concierge

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